If you plan to drive

Under normal circumstances, parking around the studio is not a problem. Whether you want to pay or find free parking there is usually ample opportunity. Just give yourself a few extra minutes to be on the safe side. The exception to this is when there are Cubs games and of course any unexpected street work in which case parking can be more challenging.

Parking on Southport
Metered parking (15 mins. per quarter) is available directly in front of our location while there is unmetered parking both south and north on Southport.

Parking on Irving Park
Non-metered parking is available along Irving Park.

Parking on sides streets
There are a number of side streets around the studio with parking. Give yourself some extra time and finding something should not be a problem.

Parking during Cubs night games
This can be a challenge. Side-street parking is limited to residents only during NIGHT games (day games are open to all but of course spots gets snatched quickly…) In any case we recommend finding alternative travel arrangements or the studio or at least leaving amply time to find parking. Here is the Cubs Schedule for 2016: Cubs Schedule