Get to know our classes

We are offering in-studio classes! Some classes are only in-studio, others are only virtual and some are both. To receive a class recording of any virtual class, sign up for the virtual class and receive a recording that will expire at midnight 2 days later.

Please PREREGISTER for all in-studio classes.

Until further notice masks are required inside the studio.

(all levels)
Are you new to yoga or returning to the practice after a hiatus? This 60 or 75mins. class addresses the fundamentals of yoga. Work with basic poses, breath work and begin to link movement with breath. A primer to more advanced yoga classes, the slower pace of this class allows for proper form, alignment and postural modifications to make for an optimal personal practice.

INTERMEDIATE FLOW (intermediate to advanced students)
This 75mins class is for students who have a good understanding and ease with basic poses, know the importance of breath and how to use it, and are comfortable flowing from one pose to the next. Faster paced than our Basics classes, Flow classes are artfully sequenced and include the introduction and exploration of more advanced poses, such as inversions, arm balances and deeper back bends.

FLOW HOUR (experienced beginner to advanced students)
This energetic one-hour class is the ideal way to sneak in some yoga between the day’s activities. Expect a good flow addressing flexibility, strength, balance, connection to the breath and mental focus. Recharge your spirit, reconnect with your body and leave feeling great!

GENTLE (all levels)
This gently paced class is perfect for newer and less active students as well as seasoned practitioners wanting a less aerobic and more reflective practice.  Gentle Yoga offers deep stretching, basic postures and some smooth flowing movement. Expect both floor-based and standing poses as you develop strength, flexibility and balance.

RESTORATIVE (all levels)
This rejuvenating practice is the perfect panacea for high-octane urban life. Release stress, promote sound sleep, lower blood pressure and invite overall health and balance. This lusciously soothing class incorporates supported postures, mindful movement, breathing practices and meditative techniques. Realign your heart with compassion, your mind with balance and your body with relaxation. Come reconnect with your true nature.

SUNRISE FLOW (experienced beginner to advanced students)
Awaken your day with movements addressing flexibility, strength and balance with a focus on breath and awareness. This one-hour class is the ideal way to start your day. Invigorate your spirit, wake-up your body and leave feeling ready to go!

YIN (all levels)
This deliciously meditative class epitomizes deep opening and mindfulness of movement. This class can include some slow and conscious movements along with longer held floor-based poses. In contrast to more active Yang, muscle-focused practices, Yin Yoga focuses on lubricating the connective tissue of the body (ligaments, tendons, fascia) bringing new and unexpected openings. Clear energetic blocks, improve circulation and promote growth and flexibility in this mellow yet challenging class.