Sometimes it's nice to get some direction when starting something new

Many people can feel intimidated taking their first yoga class. Fears can come up that they won't be "good" at it or that they're not flexible enough. The good news is that yoga isn't about being good or bad or flexible enough. Yoga accepts you as you are. Yoga doesn't care how flexible you are, how old you are, how athletic (or not) you are, how zen (or not) you are. Yoga meets you where you're at and intends to leave you feeling better at the end of class than you did at the start. Where you are, right now, in your body and mind is the perfect place to take your first step. To help you decide where and how to place that first step, read on…

Where to start:
We highly recommend taking advantage of our new student 2wks of yoga offer. This way you can try out a variety of classes, teachers and styles and see how you feel with our community. All classes require preregistrations. When you're ready to attend, please go to our schedule page to register and in the process create your account with us.

Class formats:
To offer the changing needs and preferences of our students and to make yoga as accessible as possible, we offer three call formats: in-person, livestream and on-demand.

Best classes for beginners:

If you've never taken a yoga class before we recommend you start with one of the below class styles as they are all very friendly to yoga newbies and will help you form a foundation to your yoga practice. There are some students who feel drawn to start their yoga practice with an Intermediate class. Although we would not recommend this some people with extensive dance or other physical training find themselves comfortable beginning at this level.

  • Yoga Basics
  • Yin / Flow
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga

Our Class Descriptions page gives you a good idea of what to expect in each class. The above classes are listed in general order of activity level starting with Basics being most active and Restorative being least.

Basic etiquette for in-person classes:

  • Preregistration is required for all classes
  • Arrive at least 10 mins. early
  • Dress comfortably (anything unbinding but not too loose to come over your head when you bend over)
  • Practice on an empty stomach
  • We have a large selection of props. Use away! Thank you for returning them neatly.
  • Turn off cell phones
  • Leave shoes and jackets at the door
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor
  • Let the instructor know if you have any injuries
  • Let the instructor know if it is your very first yoga class

Class filming:
At times we do film out classes to allow for any live-streaming of classes which is then turned into content for our on demand video library. The majority of the studio is included in the filming process.

Class size:
Classes vary greatly in size. In general evening and weekend classes are busier. If you're able, mid-day classes offer you the most personal attention and are a great place to start.

How often to take class:
This is a personal choice. Many dedicated yoga students will attend 4 or more classes a week. Others find that a weekly or bi-weekly practice suits them best. It goes without saying that steady and regular practice will allow you to see and experience greater benefits, growth and progress. What often happens is that the more yoga you do, the more you want to do… It feels that good. You'll find out what suits you best as you go.

Om at start and/or end of class:
Teachers will often lead a verbal "OM" at the start and/or completion of class. This is the the simplest of Sanskrit mantras and represents the entirety of the universe. Chanting it together is a unifying gesture to remind us of our interconnection. Students are invited to participate or just listen. As always, do what you feel comfortable doing and leave the rest to the side.

If you feel uncomfortable in class:
If the class feels too strenuous or you need a break for any reason, we suggest to you into child's pose (see below image) for as long as you need to feel ready to rejoin class. If necessary call the teacher over and share whatever might be going on for you so that he/she can help if possible. And remember that if worse comes to worse you can always leave class early. We'll be happy to refund your payment in this case.
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Some final thoughts:
Be kind to yourself:
Trying anything new can be uncomfortable. Being kind to ourselves in the process can make a world of difference.

Yoga is not a competition:
You've already won as soon as you get onto your yoga mat because yoga is not a competition; it's only about you. Anything you do (if you respect your limits) will most likely have you feeling better then when you arrived.

Don't push past beyond your limit
There is SOOO much more benefit to taking it easy and respecting the limits of your body on any given day. Listening to and heeding your body's limitations is a sign of strength, not weakness. We promise you'll enjoy class much more and keep yourself safe for future classes.