A Warm-Hearted Neighborhood Yoga Studio

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Namaskar Yoga is a friendly studio welcoming students of all levels.
Our classes and workshops build your body, calm your mind and help you live life more fully.

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When it’s Cubs Season…

A friendly heads up that driving and parking around this studio during Cubs games can be a bit challenging.
We suggest alternative means to getting to the studio, especially before and after game time.
Cubs Schedule

Newcomers are Welcome

2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $30
Since finding the right yoga studio is an important process, we encourage first-time students to take advantage of our special 2 Weeks of Yoga for $30. Come explore our classes, teachers and community. Simply create an account and either purchase your 2wk package online or at the studio on your first visit. We look forward to welcoming you!

Attend One of Our Workshops

  • Benefit Class: Candlelight Yoga: 7/21 @ 8pm
  • Summer-Spirit Qi Gong Workshop: 7/29 @ 1pm

Our workshops usually take a break during the summer. Check back in early fall when our line-up will be taking off. Happy summer to you!