Yay! Virtual Classes : )

Due to Covid-19, and until further notice, we are offering a full schedule of ONLY Virtual classes. Be well and come join us for come community yoga from home : )

To access Class Schedule and sign up for live, online classes:

Log in:

  • Log in or create your account by clicking here.
  • Old Students: If you have visited Namaskar before, you have an account with us. Go to "Log in". Enter the email used to when first registering at Namaskar. Re-enter or create a password.
  • New Students: First time students go to "Create an Account".

Sign up:

  • Once logged in, go to "Classes" tab and "Sign Up Now" for any class you wish to attend.
  • Use current package or make a purchase
  • Register at least 30mins. prior to class.

Join class:

  • Approx. 5-15mins. prior to class the instructor will email you a link to the class. Click link and you'll appear, along with other students, in the class
  • You will have the option of sound and camera settings. You can choose to turn your camera on or off so that the teacher and other participants in the class can see you.
  • The teacher will lead class as usual.

Thank you for your patience as we introduce this new platform. As always we are open to feedback and suggestions. Blessings and wellness to all.

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