A few things to keep in mind about our classes

Preregistration is requested for in-studio classes.
Our class descriptions are general guidelines. Each teacher brings his/her own nature and style to teaching. Expect classes to vary from teacher to teacher and from day to day.
Most of our classes are Vinyasa-Flow based: a style of yoga that links physical postures with breath, creating a flowing and meditative practice.
Alignment, safety, and freedom from pain are basic tenets of any yoga class.
Always listen to and respect your body’s limitations and abilities. Doing so is one of the greatest gifts of yoga. Teachers give direction but at all times your body is the ultimate guide; hear and heed its messages.
Most classes are accompanied by music. Music is selected by instructors and varies widely.
We are not a hot yoga studio. The studio is a comfortable temperature; teachers make adjustments according to the needs and comfort of the class.