Exchange Work for Classes

Work-Exchange at Namaskar:
Thank you for your interest in the Namaskar Work-Exchange (WE ) program. Ideally this arrangement offers students an opportunity to be more deeply involved with the Namaskar community, receive some free yoga classes and make a big impact in the running of the studio. In general, our exchange is one free class in exchange for one hour of work.

The work done by WE is integral and valuable and for this reason we ask that before student considers becoming a part of the team that they be prepared to honor their weekly or bi-monthly (more on occasion) commitment and fulfill all assigned responsibilities. It is a job that we take seriously and appreciate deeply.

How it works:
Our exchange i roughly one free class for one hour of work. Some students do one shift a week others do more.
There are a few different work-exchange opportunities.
1. Participating students are assigned to a reoccurring weekly shift. Each shift involves a combination of cleaning, checking in classes and taking a class. The exchange is approximately 1hr of work for a free yoga class. A sample shift would look something like this:
  • Arrive
  • Clean 30mins.
  • Check in 15mins. (class that you will be attending)
  • Participate in class for free
  • Check in class 15mins. (class that follows)
2. Another options is to share a shift of the above design, meaning that two students would cover one shift together alternating each week more or less.
3. Lastly there are a handful of cleaning positions where student work at off hours and sticky clean the studio.
4. In some rare cases students will participate on an “on call” or “sub” basis only and fill based on their availability and interest.

  • Attend at least 5 classes at Namaskar
  • We ask for a 6 month minimum commitment
  • Friendly and warm personality
  • Comfort with cleaning and computers. Huge bonus if you already know the software MindBody!

Moving Forward:
To learn more please email us and we will send you an informational form to fill out and we can take it from there.
We hope to hear from all reliable and interested individuals!! : )