What is Yoga Therapy

How Yoga Therapy is unique:
Yoga itself is therapeutic. But Yoga Therapy is different than "yoga as therapy." Yoga Therapy is used to heal physical or psycho-emotional conditions and is a good compliment to other forms of therapy such as PT or counseling. Yoga Therapy views individuals holistically, connecting body, mind, and spirit. Sessions are designed specifically for each client.

Who can benefit:
Everyone can benefit, but especially those dealing with any condition: muscular tension or weakness, stress, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, etc. Those who feel uncomfortable in group classes or who want to create a home practice would benefit greatly. Some clients are looking for greater balance in their lives or for guidance on how yoga asana (posture), pranayama (breath), and dhyana (meditation) can impact their well-being.

What can be expected:
A brief questionnaire submitted via email will give the YT necessary information. On the first session, the physical body, posture, and breath are assessed. Recommendations will be made to facilitate balance, design a home practice and/or modify specific poses. Subsequent sessions include a blend of: Ayurveda (the sister-science of Yoga), anatomy/physiology, Western medical knowledge/research (within the scope of practice), and Yoga.